This iconic red London phone box could be yours for £15,000

Always wanted to own a London icon? And recently been looking for an excuse to quit the day job? Well, here the opportunity strikes to tick both off yer ‘to-do’ list. A red telephone box, one of the capital’s most recognisable sights, is going on the market for as little as £15,000. Better yet, it has planning permission to be converted into retail use.

In Stamford Hill, the phone box is handily located near Seven Sisters tube. Its listing on Auction House London says the Grade-II listed box is also connected to mains electricity. What the phone box lacks in space, it more than makes up for in creative potential. Just think of all the possibilities! Could this be the perfect place to take your budding coffee skills to a pro level?

Following the rise of mobile phones and the fall in demand for the UK’s red phone boxes, many of them have been sold off and since found innovative alternative uses. To celebrate the iconic boxes’ 100th birthday last year and encourage their reuse, BT sold off thousands of them for just a quid.  

Phone boxes across the country have been injected with a new lease of life and transformed into valuable community hubs. Past regeneration projects have ranged from turning the boxes into libraries, food banks and life-saving defibrillator stations, to transforming them into built-for-pleasure mini gin portals and art galleries. One particularly innovative entrepreneur even planned to convert two Westminster phone boxes into vending machines

The Stamford Hill phone box is a particularly posh one. The box for sale is a K6 (or Kiosk 6) model, designed by Sir Gilbert Scott and sometimes known as the ‘Jubilee Kiosk’, due to being introduced to celebrate King George V’s Silver Jubilee in 1935. 

To enquire about the post box and register to bid, visit the listing on Auction House London’s website here.

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