Wimbledon has relaxed its dress code for the sake of women on their periods

In a small win for feminism, Wimbledon has finally outlawed its controversial all-white, including shorts and underwear, rule for women. Women tennis players will now be allowed to wear dark under shorts as long as they don’t show beneath their white skirts. 

According to Wimbledon, players who menstruate are permitted to wear ‘solid, mid/dark-coloured undershorts, provided they are no longer than their shorts or skirt’. The new rule was voted in unanimously by the board last November and has been welcomed by players of all genders. It’s quite a big deal, as players have been required to adhere to the strict all-white dress code since 1877.

The white short rule was a major source of anxiety for women athletes during the tournament, who were worried that if they came on their period it could obviously bleed through their shorts. The change finally came about thanks to the Address The Dress Code campaign, as well as people like Judy Murray and Billie Jean King who criticised the rule saying it caused ‘fear’ for players on their periods. 

‘When I heard this I was really happy because last year I went on the pill to stop myself bleeding because I knew we had to wear white under-shorts, and I didn’t want to face any embarrassment,’ Heather Watson told Sky News.

It’s about bloody time. 

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