You can try a fish ’n’ chip pizza for two weeks ONLY

Collabs can be a great thing. But they can also be a tricky thing. Case in point: in honour of National Pizza Day (which is a thing, apparently, on February 9), some London cooking lunatics have decided to create a fish ’n’ chip pizza.

Sounds kind of ghastly, right? But hold hard until you hear the scope of the thing. First up, it’s not been conceived by just any old fast-food cowboys. The doughy undercarriage arrives courtesy of Homeslice, no less, while the superstructure is a product of the Mayfair Chippy, a posh batter palace and the type of place in which you might get laughed at if you asked for a pickled egg. Paying ‘homage’ to one of the nation’s other favourite dishes, the pizza is topped with salt-and-vinegar-cured cod, pea purée, string chips and capers. Horny-handed Northerners will rejoice to see that batter scraps also feature. 

If all that wasn’t enough, Homeslice says that it will also throw in a free Mojito from cocktails-in-a-can brand Moth with every fish ’n’ chip pizza ordered. I mean, sure. Why not add a dash of Cuba to your Italian x British dinner? On a serious note (finally) the Mayfair Chippy and Homeslice will also donate £3 from each fish ’n’ chip pizza sold to food-poverty charity the Felix Project. Bravo!

So, however conflicted you might feel about this concept, give it a try and do some good at the same time. If it’s any help, a poll of the Time Out office gave the idea a big thumbs up, with twice as many people thinking it sounded ‘Yum’ than ‘Yuck’. Still, we are real proles.

The Homeslice x Mayfair Chippy fish ’n’ chip pizza is available at Homeslice Marylebone (50 James St, W1U 1HB) from Thu Feb 9 for two weeks. The 20-inch pizza (serves 2-3) is £30.

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