London’s black cab fares are going up

If you’re lucky (or, more accurately, wealthy) enough to be a regular user of London’s famous black cabs, we’ve got some unfortunate news. From next month, cab fares are set to go up by a whopping 7.6 percent. And that’s across all weekday, weekend and night rates.

The increase comes as a result of inflation and the increased costs of running a cab in London. The 7.6 percent number is a bit of a compromise. While still more than the increase in tube, bus and train fares, 7.6 percent is a middle ground between the demands of the cabbies (who wanted an 11.6 percent rise, in line with inflation) and the demands of passengers (who obviously wanted no increase at all).

Up to now, black cabs’ night rate has remained frozen since April 2016. The idea behind this rate freeze has been primarily to give women an alternative to other forms of 24-hour public transport by keeping cab fares affordable.

However, TfL has apparently now realised that, more than just providing low fares, it needs more cabs out on the streets at night. The hope is that the increased rate will get more cabbies working at night – thereby also improving safe transport options.

It’s worth mentioning that while rates are going up, there won’t be an increase to black cabs’ minimum fare. That’ll remain at £3.80. 

The new rates for black cabs are set to be approved by TfL next week and they’ll come into effect next month.

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